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Aero Louvre Window

Aero Louvre Windows are a versatile, stylish choice of window that will enhance the look and feel of your home.

Louvre windows allow you to control the amount of air flow into the home. Louvre windows support passive home cooling by encouraging cross ventilation improving comfort and saving on energy costs. Aero Louvre windows can be opened in light wet conditions letting fresh air in but not the rain. By installing Aero Louvre windows, you will create fresh natural living spaces with a modern look which are waterproof, safe and easy to operate. Designed, engineered and tested to Australian standards, available exclusively through Winwall Thailand

Oasis Top Pivot Louvre

Oasis is an attractive high performance Top Pivot Louvre window perfect for costal homes and commercial application where increased

ventilation and weatherability is a requirement. Oasis features a discrete intermediate sash rail that incorporates a weather seal making the Louvre water and dust proof. The Louvre blade opens to 3 positions offering controlled ventilation. Insect and security screens are installed from inside the building providing a safer living environment.

CNC Machining

For complicated and high volume machining requirements we design customized machines or utilise CNC machining centres.

Industrial Products

Winwall manufactures a variety of OEM industrial products ranging from small hardware components to fully machined window and doors systems.
Our engineers and production team have experience over a large spectrum of industries and pride ourselves in finding solutions to supply chain and manufacturing problems.

Aluminum Processing

Being part of the SMS Schimmer group, Winwall is naturaly a specialist in the procurement and post machining of aluminium extrusions.

Our services extend surface finsihing, cuttimg drilling, punching and punching to you exact requirement.


Injection Molds

Our extened resources include procurement, post processing and assmebly of products that require injection molding in a variety of plastic specifications.


Our extened resources include procurement, post processing and assmebly of products that require aluminium or zinc catsings.